That night I was walking down a street.

Lonely, a bit chilly, dark and deserted…

Round the corner sat a little child, watching over his fragile mother.I could tell she was broken on the inside and could see she was tattered on the outside. 

The little boy walked up to me, “Excuse me miss,a penny for a fella?” He asked as he pulled on my pants at my ankle.

I looked into his eyes:

They were like peanut-sized rugby balls, sucked into their sockets. Yet the tears that flooded made them crystal clear.

I felt I could tell his life story but couldn’t tell it to the end.

“I want to buy mommy an air ticket so she can go up there. That’s where the best doctor is.” He said pointing to the sky. 

For a moment my heart stopped…

Right here was a kid ready to do everything possible to achieve the impossible. Yet I was walking home mumbling about how I didn’t want to make ugali cause it had been my previous night’s dinner.

“Come, come see mommy!” He reached for my hand. 

His fingers were skinny,dirty and nails so disfigured. Don’t get me wrong, my freshly done French manicure was not the reason why I couldn’t take his hand, if anything I was scared I’d break his brittle noodle-like fingers.

“Let’s go toto,” I said to him in a tone way lower than my usual one.

We walked down the dark alley and rounded to the corner where his mother lay on a cardboard mattress. I went down on my knees right next to her and placed my hand on her head.

She woke up in shock; “Max! Max! Where’s my Max?” That’s all she said on seeing my unfamiliar face.

“Mommy I brought a visitor,” little Max said to his mother.

She heaved a sigh of relief and I could see the anguish on her face slowly fade away. She struggled to sit up and I did not hesitate to help her out.

“My name is Muthoni, your son asked me for assistance ma’am,” I tried to make conversation.

“I’m Achieng’,” she replied with yet another struggle. 

Max did not want his mother to speak much, he was scared each word made her weaker than before. 

I let her lie down and sat there listening to little Max.

It was heading to 8:00p.m, I’d been there for almost an hour and very unaware indeed.

“Did you know that mommy can go on her own and watch over me from up there? She’ll come back when she’s better. Then we can get a house, I can get a daddy,a puppy and more little ones like me.” 

The seven year old was a dreamer, or was it his ignorant age? I honestly don’t know but it seemed to capture hundred percent of my undivided attention.

“Miss you don’t have to stay you can go home. I don’t need that penny anymore, you listened to me, noone ever does. They just drop pennies and go. Some shove me to the side and say; ‘Stupid child!’ Others say; ‘Poor child!’and walk away. But you are the first to listen. When I take mommy up there I’ll tell the  Man  to change your dinner.” 

I looked at him in shock but could afford a smile. He was listening to me mumble before! 

“Max, let’s go get some supper for you and mom.” I muttered as I held out my hand to him once I was on my feet again. Little did I know that this was the beginning of an unbreakable bond.

He kissed his mother on the cheek and said, “Mommy I’ll be back with something you haven’t seen in weeks. I love you.” 

We walked down the street to a nearby restaurant and I let him pick the food he wanted. As we walked out he said, “Goodbye Miss, may the angels get you home safe.” He hugged me tight and for the first time a stranger made me feel more loved than I ever did.

I watched him run back to his mother as a tear escaped my eye.

I would see him the next day,and the next and the next and this would become a habit so regular. 

to be continued…



I want to write.

I want to write, write…write non-stop!

I want to write about the pain I never thought I could share

I want to write about the happiness I’ve always wished I could have

I want to write about that which I feel matters

I want to write about that which never came to my attention

I want to write cause that’s all I want to do…

I want to write!

I want to write about what he did to me

I want to write about what I failed to do for him

I want to write about how he hang on

I want to write about why I let go

I want to write cause I don’t know how to speak…

I want to write!

I want to write about the pain in my heart

I want to write about the sorrow in my soul

I want to write about how hollow I feel inside

I want to write about how I can’t swallow my pride

I want to write cause it’s what makes me whole…

I want to write!

I want to write because I’m hurting

I want to write because I’m dreaming

I want to write because I’m wishing

I want to write because I’m trying

I want to writebecause I’m growing

I want to write because I’m feeling

I want to write because I’m living

I want to write because I’m hoping

I want to write because I’m changing

I want to write because I’m blooming

I want to write cause that is all I ever did right…

I want to write!

Dear Reader,

Here’s a freestyle on a Sunday feeling some type of way.

Thanks for stopping by. Be blessed.

♥️ Farewell till next time. ♥️

♤ Akinyi Valerie. ♤

🌷 IN NEED. 🌷

Hello there best friend I wish I had,

How are you doing? Last time I checked you were just fine in the midst of my absence and I wished I could say the same.

Can I be deep once again? Wait, deep is all I’ve ever been so why do I ask?

‘Best friend’…

Not a title I can say has had justice in my life, neither is it one I can define. It’s been one-sided throughout, story of my life huh?

Relationships, they say, “give 70%, the remaining 30% is for you to walk away when the need arises!” I know I’ve said this so many times, I think I’ve even given it as advice in person but do I ever listen? Not really.

Anyway, I keep on saying how I don’t need a best friend and how ‘okay’ I am with my little social circle but the void gets bigger every single … I don’t seem to be aware of how long it takes but trust me it’s a short while.

I’m not lonely, that’s for sure, I’m not friendless, that’s evident; neither am I anti-social, that would be an undisputable truth. But something is missing, something only a human’s presence can fill.

Someone took up that role, he’s been trying so hard to prove he fits it but it’s not him, it’s me. I’m picky, not that I want to be but I am. I don’t get to understand “my kind of people” though, they always seem to fall into place by themselves. But this one, this is not the one. He is the one to stay in my life forever as I will in his but this is just not his spot. Everybody else would disagree knowing how he goes out of his way but my heart just won’t let him be.

So, I’m in need of a best friend.

I’m in need of what it feels to have someone whose presence symbolizes yours as well
In need of a soul that I can call my own other than that which I own
In dire need of someone whose absence and mine is emptiness all the same
In sheer need of that one person I will describe in the most indescribable way
In need of someone I can travel the world with

In need of someone I can share my dreams with
In need of someone who will help me get over the fear of having a female best friend
I have to say I’m in need of someone I can start from scratch with; I’m in need of an adventure with someone new
I’m in need of someone I can call ‘my home girl’
In need of someone I can make the most pointless promises with

In need of even that which I did not know I needed from a female soul
I’m so needy right now that I lack the words to explain it.

I have nothing against the one trying to give justice to this title but my being seems to disagree.

But then again,

I want to understand,

What is a best friend?

I want to understand this in the process of this ‘best friendship.’

I really do…you have no idea

You have no idea how it feels to know that there is someone out there for you but you don’t know who. How it feels to see someone care about you with feelings so true but want someone new. The feeling when the appreciation you receive is nothing close to what you give.

Dear best friend who tries so hard,

You have no idea how I wish I could feel the same.

Maybe I will forever miss out on this ‘best friendship’ journey because I feel you are not the one but until my heart settles for one, I’m in need of a best friend!

Dear Reader,

Once again I feel like I’m losing my touch but here’s me being deep again. I appreciate your presence here. Keep doing you. God Bless.

Farewell, until next time. ♤

♥️ Akinyi Valerie. ♥️


Do you love you?

It’s a genuine question which most of us give not so genuine answers to. 

I’m going to be a little too honest on this one so brace yourselves for a deep journey into my life. Well not so deep but deep. 

So, the other day my wife and I were talking and I happened to be a little emotionally unstable. I told her everything going on with someone I  love but can’t have, Im hoping you understand that. She asked me why I couldn’t just take in the pain and be courageous enough just to leave, you know, like walk away and heal on my own. She did not really put it that way, in fact she said, “Love yourself a bit more.”

In fact she said… 

I don’t think any words have ever travelled so deep into my soul like these did, well apart from those depressing lyrics I listen to when I’m depressed, don’t ask why I do that though. 

Anyway, my answer to that question was, well irrational if I may say. I replied:

And now I want to give a genuine answer to her question and it is, “I don’t really know anymore.” You know back then I used to think young love was fake, those things you only see in movies, just to create an interesting story line. So when I fell in love, I was in denial. I thought my heart and brain were probably playing tricks on me and it took time before I could admit it, sometimes I wished I did not, either way what’s done is done.

Like I said, ‘in love with one I can’t have,’ I’m sure you’re wondering why? Story short, it’s a love triangle. So letting go was really my only option cause it was clear I was ruining some equation but guess what, I gave it a shot anyway, for a while though till it hit me whatever was going on wasn’t real. I mean, being a third party is not healthy. So I started to drift a little further from him without really telling him why but it did not work out so well. The feelings never faded, in fact, they got stronger each day and I got emotionally weaker as they did. 

So I hang on, I hang on cause I could not imagine how it would feel not to. Because I felt like feeling the pain was worth more than feeling nothing at all. Because I could not imagine waking up to one less important person in my life. I hang on till it hit me, “Can you imagine how she feels knowing you came into his life?” Like I said, ruined a perfect equation…

I knew the only way they could go back to being the way the were, or rather close to that cause I’m sure it could not happen, was if I left. But I was not going anywhere. I wanted to keep hurting as long as I’d have at least a friend in him.  Yeah my wife mentioned that part too at some point. She even said it in a voice note, “I never knew you were the type not to care about someone else’s feelings but it’s your choice, just love yourself enough to know it’s wrong then decide.”

She even said it in a voice note…

I’ll leave it at that.


That sounded like a pointless story right? But let me get to my point now. 

I asked, “Do you love yourself?” 

What does loving yourself even mean? 

It means a lot more than you and I think.

Loving yourself means, looking forward to the adventure of a new day, whether good or bad.

It means letting go of your haunting past.

It means walking away from a toxic relationship. 

Dropping those fake friends that give you temporary happiness 

It means taking care of your hair, eating right, loving your body and maybe fix what you feel ain’t right, exercise.

Loving yourself means loving your whole being, emotionally and physically. 

So, do I love myself?

I honestly don’t know but what I do know is, I want to. 

I want to love myself…

I want to love myself enough to walk away from all this. 

Enough to find happiness in my solitude. 

Enough to let someone else be happy at the expense of my own happiness.

Enough to pour out more love than I do to others without wanting any in return.

Right now I’m living on one of my own quotes:

It’s okay, everything takes time but nothing lasts forever.

~Akinyi Valerie. ♤

I’m learning to let go and let God. Not as easy as it sounds but we’re getting somewhere. 

Maybe the fact that things don’t seem to be working in my favour at the moment depresses me. 

Maybe I’m sad because 2018 is not what I expected it to be so far.

Maybe I feel like I don’t want to love anyone else again yet I’m too young to feel that way and it hurts.

Maybe I wish I could go back and time and keep my feelings to myself. 

Maybe this or that or any other significant and insignifact thoughts run through my mind about how horrible a person I have been a couple of times. 

But, I still love me enough to rebuild what I tore down and that starts today.

My wife does not know how much sense she spoke in one night. ♡ 

Dear Reader,
 Hello there… all I can say is, this is true and I hope it inspires you too. I know, it’s a little too personal but sometimes I’m an open book. 

Thanks for reading. Blessings.

Farewell, until next time. ♤

♥️ Akinyi Valerie. ♥️


Battle of the mind
Battle of the heart

Which one seems harder?
I don’t know

Cause they’re both art.

Stay close by me
Take a few steps back

I don’t need you around
But don’t want you far

Cause they both hurt.

Let’s start a fight
But keep our weapons away

Embrace me with a blow 
Then kill me with a kiss

Cause we’re both part.

Don’t be afraid to leave
But don’t forget to stay

Pack your bags—clear your stuff
Don’t shut the door as you walk out

Cause they both make a start.

#Aqeenyi :)*xx



Dear Reader,

Hello there…well this was written  on 26th December 2015… Yeah I started writing quite a while back. I stumbled upon it and thought I should share. 

Leave your likes, reviews and don’t hesitate to share.

I appreciate and God bless.

♥️ Farewell, until next time. ♥️ 

♥️ Akinyi Valerie.  ♥️


I’m full of sheer jealousy;

Not the kind that makes me fold my arms when people applaud your success,
But the one that makes me want to celebrate before they do.

I’m full of sheer jealosy;

The one that eats me up when someone tells you you’re pretty,
Because I feel like only I have the right to do so.

I’m full of immeasurable jealousy;

Not the one that makes me frown at your happines,
But the one that kills me when I realise I had nothing to do with your smile.

I’m full of immense jealousy; 

The kind that makes me envy your progress,
Because then I might just be nothing but your past.

I’m jealous of your shoes,

They get to walk every step with you.
Im jealous of your clothes,
They get to stay so close to your body.
I’m jealous of your scent,
It will always be attatched to your presence.
I’m jealous of the moments you spend under the covers,
They give you the warmth that I lack the chance to offer.
I’m jealous of your glass of wine,

It gets to touch your lips.
Darling, I’m jealous of my heart, it gets to feel this way.

Dear Reader,

 Sometimes I just get jealous of the people around me when someone else values them cause I feel like only I have the right to show them what they are worth. 

Written overnight and published at midnight.

 Read. Like. Comment. Share. 

Be blessed. 

♥️ Farewell, until next time. ♥️

♠️ Akinyi Valerie. ♠️

🌷 I WRITE. 🌷

Sometimes you just want to write. 

Okay then maybe you don’t but I do. 

I want to write down my problems, put them in a bin, wait for the garbage track to pass by so they can be sent over to the incinerator and burnt to ashes. 

Then maybe they’d be gone forever.

I want to write down my mistakes, put them in a time machine and send them back to my past. 

Then maybe I’d never repeat a thing. 

I want to write down my pain, fill up my bath tub, soak it then send it down the drain. 

Then maybe it’d never hurt me again.

I want to write down my disappointments, put them on the road and one by one tyres go over them as cars pass.

Then maybe they will never haunt me again.


I want to write down my plans, stick them to my brain permanently as I live each day.

Then maybe I would stay focussed. 

I want to write down my joys you know, that which makes me happy and read them every morning when I wake up.

Then maybe I’d get through each day without the negatives getting to me. 

I want to write down my hopes, put them in a bottle, place it in the ocean so that they get to someone else.

Then maybe I could get some help.

I want to write down my dreams, my prayers, my expectations, what makes me happy, what breaks me down, what I want in life, what I want gone, the love of my life, his pain as well, the trials of life and the tribulations as well. I want to put them down on paper, on a letter that says, “Dear God,” and send it to heaven.

Then maybe I will feel like everything will fall into place in due time and I can take things as they come.

But until then, I put everything down, pen and paper, and keep it to myself.

Then maybe some day I could share it with the world.

Dear Reader,

Hello there! Thank you for passing by. It’s been a while I know but I’m trying to get back on track. Here’s something I wrote at around 5:00a.m this morning…I know my sleeping pattern  has been shakey. 

Anyway… anyone willing to write a piece with me hit me up soon. You can DM @akinyi_711. There’s so much I wanna do this year and I pray I succeed and for your plans to honey.

Thanks for the support and may God keep blessings keep bestowed upon you.

♥️ Farewell, until next time. ♥️

♥️ Akinyi Valerie. ♥️


Do you ever scroll through Instagram couples and make virtual cutouts in your head?
Or google yourself some ‘couple goals’ and wish they’d use your picture instead?
Do you ever look at them walk down the street, holding hands and wish you’d slide yours in?
Or go to the movies alone just to watch them for a while?

Because I do…

Do you ever listen to words he says to her at the airport before he leaves for days?
Or what she replies when she knows she’ll miss him for weeks?
Do you long for the gifts he buys when they’ve been together for months?
Or the life they are building over the years? 

Because I do…

Do you wish someone could hold your hand so tightly when you want to cross the road and it’s not because you’re scared?
Or long for a kiss on the forehead before you leave the house but not from mom or dad?
Do you ever need a cuddle just for the whole night?
Or intimate touches until you can’t feel no more?

Because I do…

Do you ever want the pain?
Or never anticipate the thrill?
Do you ever imagine the hurt?
Or fail to think of the joy?
Do you feel the adrenaline rush in your veins when you think of him saying your name in all the right and wrong ways?
Or in your head, dance to his heart beat’s rhythm for all the right and wrong reasons?

Because I do…

Do you crave a love so deep it could drive a nail through your heart, change your whole being and make them call you insane?
Because I do…

Dear Reader,

Hello there! This was written at 6:00a.m today, another one of those ‘write as I go’ kind of things. I hope you like it.

You know what to do, read,  like, comment and share.

Let’s start off the year with some love. I appreciate. ❤ 

 Farewell, until next time. ♥

♠ Akinyi Valerie. ♠


“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” ~ Gustave Flaubert.

Unfortunately, the year 2017 has not been one of the best for me. This is so considering I have only achieved barely a quarter of my year’s expectations but oh well, better luck next year I guess. 

The highlight of my year must be the activities towards the end. They did not really start well with the passing of my beloved grandmother, may her soul rest in peace, but this was the beginning of a little family adventure. 

My family had spent about 3 weeks in the village after my grandma’s funeral and I joined them on the fourth in Bungoma, Western Kenya. My so-called adventure started with my lone travel from Nairobi to where they were. Honestly, I felt so achieved. We spent four days together before leaving for Ugenya, Nyanza where we spent a night at my father’s home. 

On Saturday morning, we started our trip with a drive to Kisumu where my father had a meeting to attend. He dropped us off at Nakumatt Mega and went on ahead with his schedule. We set out in search of accommodation for the night before he got back and as he had suggested, we passed by The Vic, Kisumu which was just in the compound.

This is a very beautiful hotel I must say. Probably lacking in a nature-filled environment but the interior and exterior design was well organised. From the valet parking, you could tell it was not just a one-stop highway motel. The service right at the reception desk was a welcome of its own. And the interior decor, “Oh my!” It was simply amazing. 

And the interior decor…(sorry for an incomplete picture)

We took a seat at the waiting lounge, comfortable beyond words, before getting a chance to tour the rooms. I wish I got you pictures of these luxurious rooms but I guess you’ll have to pass by their website http://www.thevichotelkisumu.com/  to view them. 

To be honest I wanted to spend more than just a night here but we didn’t come prepared with ‘heavy pockets’ so we had to save that thought for another day. Anyway, if you’d like to have a luxurious experience at the heart of Kisumu City, whether business wise or just a vacay, this is the place to go. As they say, “Elegance specifically crafted with the business & leisure travellers in mind…” Oh! I got to have a taste of their chips masala and if I may say, this was the best I’ve had outside Mombasa!

So we didn’t spend the night here and opted to go to seek a more ‘pocket-friendly’ option by sleeping at Jumuia Hotel, Kisumu ://www.resortjumuia.com/index.php/pages/2015-02-02-15-01-12/jumuia-guest-house-kisumu. It’s a lower cost, comfortable hotel opposite Tuskys, Kisumu. That evening we went across to Tuskys for a car wash and a cup of tea and caught a glance of the famous Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi having a snack at a table right behind me. 

Jumuia, definitely has some good cooks and service but not a place to stay for too long. 

We had an early Sunday morning breakfast before leaving for a burial in Kendu Bay. We were here for about 4-5 hours and then left for Rusinga Island. Drove across the bridge from Kendu to Rusinga. 

Drove across the bridge…

We arrived at around 4:30p.m and immediately checked into Blue Ridge Hotel, Rusinga http://rusingablueridge.com/ . I have to admit, we were very exhausted! This particular hotel is special since it is located where you can have a beautiful view of the Lake Victoria. It is relatively new and owned by one of my father’s ambitious friends. These are the kind of people that actually motivate you to try out new business ventures. 

View from the balcony at Blue Ridge which is still under construction…

Although Blue Ridge may lack a swimming pool, it has a beautiful environment to enjoy and cosy beds. Once in a while you could go down to the restaurant and relax on a couple of video games, take a walk around the little but serene compound or just have a seat in the garden and chill on a few drinks as you enjoy live performances from a Congolese band.

The one thing that did not quite give a good impression was the customer service but I am sure that is something they will work on in due time.  

After a cosy night here, we woke up bright and early to go on a little tour. We visited the Tom Mboya Mausoleum which was about 20-25km away from the hotel. Here I got a taste of rich Kenyan history and to be honest, I think I would like to dig deeper. We were privileged to have Paul Ndiege, Tom’s half-brother, as our tour guide. Tom’s father had 5 wives and Paul was from the last while Tom was born of the first. I got to learn the culture of the Suba people as well as the heroic works of Tom before his assassination. 

By the late Tom Mboya’s grave…
With Paul Ndiege in a Suba hut…

Thereafter, Paul offered to take us to Rusinga Lodge http://www.rusinga.com/ which was not so far  for a little more exposure of the beauty on the Island.

Kenyans have to squat for pictures haha…

This was the one for me out of all the hotels I’d been to. ‘Expensive’ is an understatement for their rates but trust me, they are more than just worth it. The jetty stretching out into Lake Victoria, simply enhances the enchantment of the lodge, not to mention the amazing cottages we got a glimpse of. 

A jetty stretching out into the lake…

This is definitely a gateway place on my bucket list!! It is very pricey but the activities you can do are so many. They include sunset fishing, boat rides and kayak races, swimming, strolling along the beach, sitting by the pier, nature photography, enjoying the serene environment among others. I really suggest you click on that link, take a look at the charges and save! Save! Save! For this place. The catch is,honey they don’t have rooms, just cottages so you’ll have to rally a couple of friends or family for this. This could be a good thing I mean, share the costs and bond with them. 

A random picture on the pier, captured by my dad…

After having a few drinks, taking pictures and touring, it was time to leave. We really appreciated the great service by the staff here. We set out to Migori. Well at least that was our intended destination before the unfortunate event of a double puncture in the middle of  nowhere. Not entirely nowhere but we knew no-one here and we were still very far from the town area. 

Double puncture…

I think local dialect came in quite handy here when my father flagged down a man on a bicycle with a simple Luo and asked for assistance. Oh, you should know that Rusinga does not have matatus for public service vehicles(P.S.Vs) and in stead they use proboxes. The ‘good Samaritan’ left and came back in one of the P.S.Vs with a driver. We intended to have the car pulled to Mbita Town, where we would find a Petrol station or get the tyres to the station for repair but efforts seemed fruitless after almost an hour of struggling. 
I took a shot at changing the tyres as well but realised that would not pull through for me. They decided to head to the town with my father and get the expert. My mother, and I, put a kikoi in the shade and my sisters sat waiting patiently. 

I took a shot…

While we waited, a lady passed by carrying a pot of water from the lake on her head. She shared a kind smile and greeting, invited us over to her house for a comfortable seat but we had to decline since our luggage was in the car and it would not be safe to leave it unattended. She disappeared into her little hut and I sat with my sisters. Father soon came back with ‘salvation’  and coincidentally the lady walked out with a wooden chair for my mother to sit on. 

The ‘good Samaritans’…

For the record, I think the people of Rusinga breathe in an air of sheer kindness! This task took quite some time and the scorching sun took over most of the shade around. We were stuck there from around 11:30p.m to 4:00p.m, sipping on some juice and munching on some biscuits thanks to mother. After hours of agony it was finally fixed. The road we had driven through was not a smooth one at all and the sharp stones and nails had brutally driven themselves into the tyres resulting in more than six holes that caused the flat tyres. My parents gave tokens of appreciation to those who helped us before we went off to Migori. 
The place we were headed to was about 10km from the border of Kenya and Tanzania so you can imagine the journey that lay ahead. My father seems to have a fetish for land and we were going to see two pieces he bought but we arrived close to dark. We got to his friend’s home, had some tea and walked to one of them. By the time we went back it was dark and had to see the other on Tuesday morning. We spent the night at Florence Hotel, Migori after a heavy traditional meal at his friend’s place. 

The next morning we moved closer to the border with a quantity surveyor to look at a piece of land he had bought but had not seen. We got to a point where we had to park the car and walk deep into the woods and through a swampy area. An adventure indeed! This one ended right at the banks of a flowing river and was occupied by a beautiful natural forest. 

We circled the area for a while before heading back to the car and embarking on our journey back to Mombasa. It would be long and tiresome and I was not really looking forward to it. We drove through Kisii, the land of bananas and could not help but buy some for the road. We were on the road for hours, mom and dad switching positions, each taking turns as drivers, stopping once in a while to use the washroom and restock snacks but the journey seemed long. We got to Narok at around 7:00p.m and nobody wanted to navigate the treacherous road of Maimahiu  in the dark so we opted to spend the night at Maragateaway Hotel & Resort, Narok which was just basic. The one thing I liked here other than the service was the food but I honestly could not wait to get back home the next day!!!

Maragateaway Hotel, Narok.                                          

Out final stretch to Mombasa was finally here and although it took us the whole day, we were thankful for a safe journey. 

Despite the Rusinga incident, this was a great experience and I would love to have another random local tour next year.

Dear Reader,

Hello there, I know it has been quite a while but I’m slowly coming back. I tried to give a review of the one thing I loved this December and though it’s not that good, I’m sure there are many more trips to come that I will bring out quite well. 

I absolutely love adventures and I’m hoping to get some money as well as partners to go on some really cool ones soon. Praying on it. I’m working on more pieces coming next year and hoping to be a little more frequent. This year I’ve been a serious victim of procrastination and I hope not to carry that vice into 2018, amen? Haha

Anyway, you know what to do, support a writer: read, like, comment, share. I’d really appreciate your comments because this is out of my comfort zone and I wanna learn how to perfect it. And also trip offers can come through, I would love to travel quite a bit in 2018. Sorry I could not get enough pictures so you’ll have to link in the sites but next time I’ll be sure to do so. 

I appreciate those who have been a part of aqeenyi.wordpress.com this year and hope to have you in the years to come as I grow.

May the Lord keep blessing you abundantly and may you achieve way more than you intend to in 2018. ❤ 

 Farewell, until next time. ♥

Akinyi Valerie. ♠


Do you ever just count your blessings? Without even taking a look at the negative side at all?

Without taking a look at the negative side…

These are questions we would probably just give blank or one-word answers to without a second thought. Well, at least I’m brave enough to say that I would.
I would, a few days ago I would, but not today.

Well you see yesterday my mother and I stopped by Tuskys Bandari to pick up a few things. At least that was all we were meant to do before she got engrossed in looking at other items that she did not necessarily plan to buy. To be honest, this really pissed me off as I was exhausted so I decided to let her be. I told her she would find me outside once she was done. 

My first choice was to take a seat in the car  which was parked in the scorching heat and wait impatiently for her; the second was to get a snack or drink and seat at one of the tables outside that have umbrellas. At that point, sparing some cash for a drink seemed more than just reasonable.

I quickly grabbed a Coke…

I quickly grabbed a Coke, paid at the counter and went outside. I sat at a table next to the rails just by where people passed as they walked in and out of the supermarket. Once in a while, my elbow seemed to get pushed aside,both accidentally and intentionally but I was deep in thought about everything and nothing at all.

I had gazed into the empty space right in front of me and travelled to an entirely different universe for about 5 minutes when my reverie was interrupted by the screeching of an old and rusty wheelchair.

I had gazed into the empty space right in front of me…

“He was here! Finally! It was about time.” I thought to myself and a smile slowly planted itself on my rested face.

I am sure that most of you who go to Tuskys Bandari have seen him a couple of times. To be honest, I do not know his name but I call him Babu. Not because he is old but out of nothing short of respect.

This man seems to have some elements or rather symptoms of autism. He is, for lack of a better word, crippled and confined to a wheelchair. He also appeared to struggle with coordinating most of his body movements.

Almost everyday, his caretaker pushes the man to his spot right outside the supermarket. It is from here that he quietly seeks aid, mostly financial, from passers-by, saying nothing but “Asante” to those who contribute. My mother always seemed to give what she could to this man. This was contrary to all the other beggars she always ignored on the streets. I had always wanted to hold a conversation with him and this seemed to be my only chance. 

Once his caretaker had left, I leaned against the rails, smiled at him and said, “Shikamoo Babu.” I did so in the most respectful tone that I could use.

(I am about to share a Kiswahili dialogue with the hope that you will all understand.)

“Marahaba mwanangu,” he replied in a voice that proved a struggle in speech. “Naomba uniwie, ningependa kuzungumza nawe kwa muda mfupi tu,” I requested to converse with him and all he did was try to smile and nod. 

At this point our talk was being interrupted now and then by shoppers walking in and out but I did not really mind. 

The truth was, I only had one question for him and I asked it, I asked him what kept him going. I really wanted to know why he would not stop coming to that spot and he gave it a one-minute thought before answering.

With a smile in his face he said, “Mwanangu, ni hamu ya kuonyeshwa mapenzi, kupeana shukran na kueneza baraka za Mungu zinazonileta hapa. Aliponiweka katika kiti hiki, nilitokwa na matumaini lakini ninapokumbuka kuwa bado mimi nipo hai hapa duniani, ni baraka kwangu. Pesa ninazopata hapa ninazitumia katika biashara ya kutengeneza poti, kwa matibabu na kusaidia wengine kama mimi wasiojiweza au watoto mitaani. Wengine wao hawakubarikiwa na mapenzi ambayo watu hunionyesha hata kidogo. Ndiposa sichoki kuendelea na maisha. Kisha, napenda kusema asante. (he giggled a little at this point.) Alafu…” 

Just as his words were sinking in, someone tapped my shoulder. She just had to be done now huh? Tough luck! Here was my mother and Babu seemed to recognise this generous soul. He shared a smile which she reciprocated without a doubt. 

As we left, she put some cash into his little wallet and left him a loaf of bread. “Asante mama na ubarikiwe,” he said. “Mwanangu, usisahau kushukuru,” that was directed to me. 

Honestly, I was in awe and a little teary as well. I was silent for a really long while as I tried to digest it all. I sat in the car, deep in thought as I processed exactly what I had gained from that short conversation that I had always wanted to have. 

Babu was crippled, kind of underdeveloped for his age, poor and lonely but he still thanked God for a number of things. He was grateful for the love he received from total strangers and this gave him the psych to see another day. He barely had a proper roof over his head but still wholeheartedly shared what he got. He gave his caretaker money to run a pot making business that would at least put a meal a day on their table and cater for some of their basic needs.

Then here I am, sulking and cursing over little failures and bad days. Not appreciating everything else I have but dwelling on what I don’t. This experience opened up my mind, heart and soul to a lot.

Then today I felt a little of how he does. Well, I mean about the love he appreciates. All these birthday messages that came through also came with deeper meaning. I mean even total strangers thought about appreciating the kindness I show others. My goal in life is to make people feel loved. Most of the time I do it without realising it, I give what I have and that is even if it means sacrificing my privileges. Babu taught me never to stop but to do it more often than I do now. The main lesson I learn from him was just to appreciate and appreciate and appreciate!

Again I ask, do you ever just count your blessings?

Dear Reader,

Well hello there? It has definitely been long but here is a piece to keep you thinking. A little outside my comfort zone, I mean writing in a different dialect but if you don’t understand…don’t hesitate to ask…you know my DM is always accessible…Instagram: @akinyi_711 

This was written on 30th October regardless of when it will be posted. Today, I turned 19, there is so much that has gone down in my life, both good and bad. I tend to share a of positive vibes but personally dwell on the negatives. Honestly, I was not psyched for my birthday but my family just unknowingly made me realise how much I should appreciate life. Plus this experience. All I’m saying is, BE THANKFUL…BE GRATEFUL. Even for the little things, APPRECIATE. And always BREATHE KINDNESS. 

Sorry I couldn’t get relatable pictures to flow with 😢 

I’m working on another piece already so stay tuned.

♥ Farewell, until next time. ♥

♠ Akinyi Valerie. ♠

🌷 A KENYAN’S PLEA. (🇰🇪 ❤) 🌷

Last Thursday night, my mom and I were up late as usual, watching our favorite soap. It was heading to midnight and it had just ended. Mom was now catching up on some work when we heard a rattling engine and a couple of unfamiliar voices right outside our compound. This was followed by what sounded like some hammering on an object. Being close to the road, we rarely ever paid attention to commotion since we had gotten so used to the noise pollution but this was different!

Our Kenyan curiosity led us to peep through the window. I must say, it was an embarrassing site; a group of young men stood at the back of a pickup truck which had campaign stickers all over it. They confidently had some party’s T-shirts on and were putting up campaign posters on one of the electric posts. 

During this campaign period, I am guessing you find this completely normal but I see a great issue here.


I tend to think we are approaching that crucial date a little bit too fast. It is quite clear that almost each one of us simply wants the process to be over and done with but then again I believe that that is definitely the worst way to go about it. This is because none of us bother to bare in mind the consequences of our actions on the 8th of August 2017. Well, I went a little too far ahead right there; basically, we are so focused on things going back to normal after that that we forget to live in the present.

If there is an issue concerning the general elections that requires to be urgently addressed, it is definitely how the choices of the youth are being influenced by the public. I mean, less than 50% of young people are going to put down on those ballot papers what they feel is right rather they will queue due to their parents’ initiative and vote for those they were instructed to. There are quite a number of people to be blamed in this case.

We, the youth, must take the first hit for that! We claim to be all grown up and campaign for more freedom than that which can be willingly given to us yet we don’t mind being directed  on who to vote for. 

Why is it that we long for the freedom to do that which is perceived as Society’s evil but pay no attention to the infringement of our rights?

We have instantly become objects of sheer hypocrisy considering we are endlessly praying for free, fair and peaceful elections yet we are not prepared to genuinely vote.

It is not that if you believe that the country needs a change you let people convince you that the current leaders must be sent home. Who knows? They may have a different approach from the last. Maybe they learnt their lesson.

Neither should we be resigned to the proverb that states, “better the devil you know than the angel that you don’t know.” What if a change is as good as a rest?

We may never know, or worse, we may regret it once it is too late. 

Some of the youth are being recruited during the pre-election period to take part in campaigning. I can tell our energy is very vital for these campaigns but how is it being used?

Have you seen those young ladies inappropriately shaking their behinds on those campaign trailers? Or those young men driving around late in the night putting up banners and posters? All this just because they will get their pockets less lighter.

Those are just two cases but I am sure there are many others. Why are we this vulnerable? Why do we thirst for money? Why do we degrade ourselves? Why do we allow ourselves to be wooed by temporary goodies in exchange for long-term suffering?

Why is it that we allow ourselves to be directed to vote according to tribal line yet we are all Kenyans? Of course we are young and a little clueless. Yes, we require assistance to give our final verdict but we should only be informed of what various leaders have done, are doing or plan to do as well as their failures. From there we can make our own judgements. 

Elections are going to go down on the 8th of August 2017, whether it rains or shines and we make up the greatest percentage that will make an impact on the results. 

I humbly ask that we voluntarily show up and vote wisely keeping in mind nothing close to our selfish gain nor false influence. Let us come together to continue to build this country.

In the end there will be a winner and a loser but they all have their role to play. One has to embrace while the other accept.

~ Akinyi Valerie. 

I pray that we will make the right decisions and once this is over, we shall thank God and live in peace and harmony. 

“Vijana, pamoja tudumishe amani!”

♠ Akinyi Valerie. ♠

Dear Readers,

Well here’s something completely out of my comfort zone but I felt it was an issue that had to be addressed and I hope I did it some justice. 

I kindly request that you share this with a fellow Kenyan as well as give me feedback. Help me spread the word and let’s spread peace as well. 

None of us is ready for a round 2 of the happenings in 2007/08 right? So let us exercise our rights to a free and fair election. 

Much appreciated. ♥ 🇰🇪 ♥

You can give personal feedback through DM on Instagram @akinyi_711 or @akinyi_valerie.

Stay blessed. ❤

♥ Farewell. ♥